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School is Nearly in Session

In this month’s blog, we’re coming to you ahead of back-to-school season with a list of
five ways VOA Thrift can ease your mind and your wallet in the new school year.

DIY Upcycled Summer Craft

In this month’s blog, we’re upcycling small outdoor patio furniture! This method can be used for everything from small end tables and chairs to dinner tables and decorative items. 

4 Tips to Take Care of You

In honor of May as Mental Health Awareness Month, we shared ways VOA Thrift can help support your overall mental health and wellbeing.

5 Things Not to Buy New 

For this month’s blog, we’re doing our part to save the planet by sharing five things not to buy new. VOA Thrift can be your go-to resource for household or clothing items that need a refresh in your eyes! 

DIY Bird Feeder

Happy National Craft Month to all who celebrate! In this month’s blog, we create a bird feeder just in time for spring.

DIY Upcycled Vase

In this month’s blog, we’re upcycling a glass vase! This simple DIY project can spruce up any space.

Design Your Own Monthly Calendar

Getting organized will help you accomplish the goals you have in mind for 2024! In this month’s blog, we’ll take it one month at a time with a DIY monthly calendar made from items purchased at VOA Thrift.  

‘Tis the Season to be Thrifty

The rush and excitement of the holiday season is here! As you prepare for holiday gatherings and out-of-town guests, you probably find a lot of items you no longer need around the house.

DIY Cake Stand

Thanksgiving is nearly here! Are you ready for out-of-town guests and the big feast? At VOA Thrift, we’re stocked full of all the last-minute items you need for Turkey Day. Whether you need more serving trays for your side dishes, curtains for the spare bedroom, or one more throw pillow for the couch, we’ve got you covered. In this month’s blog, we’re sharing a quick and easy DIY project that will come in handy throughout the holiday season: A cake stand! Three Easy Steps: Step 1: Gather your items. Step 2: Paint your platter. (Skip this step if you don’t need to paint…

5 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching; do you have your costume ready? Maybe you do and it’s beautifully elaborate. But you just added another night of Halloween gatherings to the list and you’re in need of a last-minute costume. VOA Thrift can help! Check out our list of FIVE easy, last minute DIY Halloween costumes with VOA Thrift: Mrs. Doubtfire This is a comfy one! Grab a long, pleated skirt, cardigan sweater, and large glasses (bonus points if you can find or fashion an eye glass chain from a necklace). Roman in a Toga  You can always find fabric, curtains, sheets, and…

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