Mental Health & Recovery

PTSD Awareness Month

June is PTSD Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Through awareness, we aim to reduce the stigma associated with PTSD and ensure that those affected by it receive proper treatment and support.

Filling Fresh Start with Love

April 29 through May 27, stop by central Ohio VOA Thrift locations to donate new and unused items to give Fresh Start moms and babies the tools they need to begin anew.


United States Air Force Veteran Eric has a kind and gentle demeanor about him. He served in the Air Force in the early 2000’s at Langley Air Force Base and in Germany. “I had a relatively successful life after I came home. I worked at a correctional facility for about five years. I joined a church, met my wife, and had two daughters. We had a house, two-car garage… everything I thought I wanted at the time.” But as time went on, Eric didn’t feel happy in his marriage and asked for a divorce. “I wasn’t sure where my life…


Today, Dana is thriving with her three children and her family who supported her along the way. She believes in sharing her story through her work as a Peer Recovery Coach and in open conversations with her eldest child.

Pregnant Woman


Today, Crystal is over-the-moon excited to go to work and spend time with her sweet baby boy. She finds joy in the little things, like taking walks and exploring nature.


Growing up in a loving home, Caitlyn was an active, happy kid who enjoyed gymnastics, cheerleading, and cross country. She flourished until her early middle school years when she experienced trauma that changed the course of her life. Fearing the worst and not understanding what was happening to her, she hid her pain from her family.

Suicide Prevention Month

Each year, we recognize September as Suicide Prevention Month. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness for the staggering statistics around suicide and what can be done to help those who are struggling with their mental health. At Volunteers of America, we know our nation’s veterans often face many challenges when returning from service, including unemployment, poor mental health, physical injuries, and the need for safe, secure housing. If these difficulties go unaddressed, their mental health challenges can worsen. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report (2019), veterans account for 13.5% of all suicide deaths…

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