He loved the service. “With the good came some bad,” he said. And what was bad for him changed his life forever. “It’s personal, and not something that I want to share. I was humiliated and even today I can’t talk about it.” Lawrence experienced a moment of extreme abuse in the military, and that’s all he’s willing to explain.


Tanya – a U.S. Army Veteran – vividly remembers the chilly day in May 2019 with her daughter, Makayla. Tanya was a proud mom. Makayla became a high school graduate that morning. They were homeless. A day that should’ve been one of the happiest in Tanya’s life was clouded with worry.


For James, an Army Veteran, he has always found purpose through his work, first as a member of the United States Army then as an IT professional. That was until a stroke forced James to look at the world through a different lens.

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