Thriving and living her best life

Amanda and her Daughter

Because of you, Amanda and her daughter are thriving and living their best lives together.

They enjoy hiking, going to the park, and craft projects on rainy days. They find peace in everyday life.

But, it wasn’t always like this. Two years ago, Amanda was just surviving in what she called an unhealthy relationship. She was suffering from emotional and physical pain. And, for too long, she remembers feeling alone and isolated, unable to see her own light amidst the dark shadows surrounding her relationship.

One night this all changed. Amanda found her voice and knew she needed help. She packed what she could and left her old life behind.

And because of your kind heart, she and her daughter found safe refuge at Volunteers of America.

You helped Amanda find hope and believe in herself. With safe housing as her new foundation, Amanda is now able to focus on building a path to well-being for her family.

And because your love gave Amanda renewed faith, she is attending school and working on her dream of becoming a pediatric radiologist.

“It is such a great feeling knowing that my goals are within my grasp.”

You gave Amanda and her daughter hope for a future filled with joy and new beginnings.

You can help families like Amanda's find the support and hope needed to thrive.