Employment & Housing Services

Our veteran housing and employment programs work hand-in-hand to offer a comprehensive path for veterans to achieve overall well-being. 

Our Veterans Resource Centers provide a stable transitional living environment with programs like individual case management, clinical treatment, and peer support that are designed to help veterans work towards permanent employment and independent housing.

Employment programs run the gamut from job skill development to providing transportation. For veterans suffering from mental illness, substance abuse issues, or a dual diagnosis, various services are available to address and treat those conditions so a healthy existence can be restored. Job-readiness programs help veterans find and maintain stable employment.

Every veteran has a unique housing situation, so our services reflect the diverse needs in our area. Here are just a few ways our Ohio and Indiana veteran services help match homeless veterans with housing solutions:

  • Rapid rehousing
  • Homeless prevention services
  • Permanent supportive housing
  • Emergency housing
  • Information and assistance about house loans for veterans

Each service is designed with local veteran needs in mind. Housing assistance comes in many forms, depending on individual needs and service area. Some veterans can purchase or improve their home with a VA housing loan. Others require emergency housing and a supportive housing team.

Veterans courageously served to protect us; now it’s our turn to keep them safe. These programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Services Available

Volunteers of America offers several different programs to fulfill our mission statement. We offer a Veterans Resource Center, which has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. Veterans can gain skills in job searching, resume writing, and job-readiness skill development to achieve long-term success in their careers. This service is available to veterans in Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cleveland.

There is also the SuperJobs Center in Cincinnati, which CARF also accredits. It provides similar skills as the Veterans Resource Center to help veterans who may otherwise have trouble landing long-term employment. The main emphasis of this program is to assist veterans with families and female veterans regain independence through fulfilling work. Whether they have been out of the service for over 20 years or are looking to transition into civilian life while still serving, we help veterans of all stripes.

Homeless Veteran Employment Program

Veterans Resource Center, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis 

The goal for each veteran is self-sufficiency through long-term employment. Services offered during the year-long program include job-readiness skill development;

  • resume writing;
  • job searching,
  • placement,
  • coaching;
  • career clothing;
  • transportation;
  • and referrals to community resources.

We work so we can give back to those who fought for our country. These programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Employment Program for Female Veterans and Veterans with Families

SuperJobs Center, Cincinnati Case managers work with participants on overcoming employment barriers, interviewing skills and provide job search and retention support to female veterans and veterans with families as they work to secure stable employment and regain independence.

Anyone Can Donate or Volunteer

There are numerous volunteer opportunities throughout Indiana and Ohio for anyone who wants to help those who risked everything for their country. Whether you donate time, items, or money; every little bit helps someone find work and avoid homelessness. The community’s donations and volunteer efforts through these programs have helped numerous veterans. You can get ideas on how to help by checking out our wish list here.

Get in Touch Today

Numerous employers would love to give work to hard-working veterans. They already have various skills that would be incredibly advantageous in any sector. Our programs aim to help these industrious men and women gain the final push they need to find a job that works for them. You can look over our website in-depth to find other ways you can get involved with your community. We cannot wait to hear from you.

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