April 11, 2024 | Indianapolis

Power of Hope

Join the movement to help build a stronger community.

Experience the true power of hope …

There are Hoosiers who are facing obstacles to achieving well-being. They’re fighting to live healthy productive lives. Women living with substance use disorder want to rebuild their lives, and families. Veterans want to thrive after their service. And people involved with the justice system want to be contributing members of their community. They live without hope in the darkness of uncertainty.  

Give Hoosiers the hope they need.

On April 11, 2024, take a journey to see the power of hope reborn. Find out how your compassion can become the hope Hoosiers need to begin again.  

Join the Power of Hope movement today.  

Stand shoulder to shoulder with Hoosiers and tell them they are not alone. Your compassion can bring them into the light and offer the comfort of hope.

There are three ways to join the Power of Hope movement:  

Attend: Register Today! 

Experience the Power of Hope at our annual event on Thursday, April 11th, 2024. Registration is required (and free) to join us at this fundraising event.

Host: Be a Table Captain

We rely on compassionate people, like you, to help. You can invite friends and colleagues who also want to help Hoosiers thrive.

Support: Corporate Sponsorship

Companies have the power to double hope and amplify the help we can share with fellow Hoosiers. Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor?

Power of Hope Sponsors

These organizations are fighting for the well-being of of Hoosier women. Their compassion will help more women achieve well-being and thrive. And their kindness ensures every donation of hope and help is amplified. Thank you!  


Goelzer, Inc.

National Bank of Indianapolis

Watch Power of Hope 2021

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