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Give the gift of hope this holiday season

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You can help homeless veterans, families and individuals.

As the holidays approach, veterans and families are struggling to make ends meet.

In our community, some of our neighbors don't have basic necessities to keep warm, families can’t afford to celebrate Christmas with their children, and veterans are feeling hopeless.

Children are worried there won’t be a Christmas this year. Mom and Dad are worried too.

Only you can give hope and help to families who are struggling this holiday season. Your gift lets them know they’re not alone and will fill their hearts with warmth.

Veterans are feeling cold and alone.

You can be the difference! Help veterans through the cold and bleak winter season by giving warmth and hope to them when they need it most.

Only your care and concern will ease their struggles and support their well-being.

  • Give the gift of hope this holiday season.
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You can give back this holiday season.

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