DIY Upcycled Vase


In a DIY project, you can make it your own!

This upcycled vase project has lots of room for variation to make it unique to your style.

Often in February, the weather is dull and gray. You might not see the sun poke through the clouds for days at a time… so, it’s fitting that halfway through this cold weather month, there’s a holiday famous for flowers. Whether you bought them as a treat for yourself (Heck yes, you deserve it!) or a family member or friend brightened your day, you might have some leftover flowers from Valentine’s Day that need a new vessel. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for a project to get ready for the moment Spring flowers arrive. In this month’s blog, we’re upcycling a glass vase.

There are many variations to consider for this project, depending on your style. You might add more paint for a splash of color, or glitter if you want it to sparkle. In a DIY project, you can make it your own!

Step One

Gather necessary materials.

  • Glass vase (you can find LOTS of options at VOA Thrift)
  • Textured spray paint (this can be found at a hardware store)
  • Clean workspace where you don’t mind a little stray spray paint

Step Two

Prepare the vase to be painted. Wipe down with a wet cloth and allow to dry.

Step Three

Depending on the shape of your vase, you may need to paint the inside top of the vase if you don’t want to see the original glass underneath. No biggie! You will need to fashion a stopper in the top using painter’s tape and cardboard or paper. (You won’t want paint glopping to the bottom of the vase while it dries)

Step Four

Spray paint the inside of the vase and allow to dry.

Step Five

After the inside has dried, turn the vase upside down so the mouth is on a clean surface and spray paint the outside! Allow time to dry.

And there you have it! A previously loved vase has found new life and love in a new home. If you’re looking for a small ‘pop’ to add to the vase, consider wrapping a portion of the neck with twine and tie in a bow.

To find your new vase project, visit VOA Thrift today!

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