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Fun & Easy Summer Craft

You can feel it in the air…summer is just around the corner! Whether you’re looking for a creative way to spice up your warm weather decorations or you need a project to keep the kids busy, in this month’s thrift blog, we have an easy DIY project anyone can do! Plus, you can find most of the materials you’ll need at VOA Thrift.

The DIY Candle Holder: We’ll use fake dried flowers for our project, but you can use glitter, pictures, or even cut-outs from magazines.

Crafty Welcome Signs

Spring is officially here! It’s time for fresh flowers, new beginnings, and airy decor. To help you welcome this happy season of new growth, we’re sharing a how-to make your own welcome sign for your front door or entryway using items from VOA Thrift.

This is a project where you can adjust to your crafty comfort level! Keep simple with the basics, or get more creative and add more flair.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky season is here! Many of you have had your decorations out since August, while others are just pulling the witches and broomsticks out this week. Is it spooky how few Halloween decorations you have around? Have no fear! VOA Thrift is stocked to help you add the sparkle and spook you desire.

Last month on the blog, we shared our tips for getting your DIY Halloween costume at VOA Thrift. And this month, we’re sharing some tips to create your own Halloween decorations without breaking the bank.

Thrifty Tips for a DIY Halloween

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, your options are limitless… but your budget doesn’t have to be! We’ve got your back with thrifty tips to help you put together your new favorite costume. Our biggest piece of advice is to combine new thrift buys with what you have on hand. We’ll help you work through this creative math problem and help you pair easy-to-find VOA Thrift pieces with what you have in your closet! (or your friend’s closet!) Go for it and your inner creative genius will find you.

Get Fun Fits for Kids at VOA Thrift

The kids heading back to school – while fun and exciting – can also be a stressful and expensive time for many parents. The mid-august timeframe and kids back in school means fall is just around the corner (September 22nd to be exact!). The change in seasons usually marks a time when kids need a wardrobe refresher because last year’s styles no longer fit. Although, kids don’t always need a change of season to require new clothes, sometimes they’ll outgrow the new outfits soon after buying them!

That’s why shopping at VOA Thrift for kids clothing just makes sense! You can snag amazing finds at great value for everyone in the family.

Create Your Own Summer Planter

Summer is here and foliage is in full bloom! Whether you’re just starting to add flowers to your outdoor areas, or you’ve been at it since spring, it can get expensive to add new flowerpots into the mix. At VOA Thrift, we have amazing finds at great value, so you can find previously loved planters, or make your own. In this month’s blog, we’ll walk you through a very simple DIY project: upcycled planters!

5 Items Under $5 at VOA Thrift

There’s no denying how expensive it has become just to live in the world! It seems like the price of just about everything is skyrocketing these days. So, when you need a place where you can count on amazing finds at great value, VOA Thrift has your back. This month, we put together a list of 5 summer items you can find at VOA Thrift for under $5 each.

April Showers Bring…Wedding Season!

April showers might bring May flowers… but they also bring wedding season! May is just around the corner, which will kick off the most popular season to get married. According to, 80% of all weddings take place between May and October. And this year is going to be a doozy with many nuptials getting postponed because of the pandemic.

Spring into a New Wardrobe

Congrats, thrifters! You’ve made it! We are finally past winter, and spring is officially here. If you haven’t had a chance to clean out your closets to make room for new spring and summer fashion trends, now is the time! Check out last month’s blog here for tips to help you cleanse your wardrobe. AT VOA Thrift, we are stocked and ready for you with spring and summer clothing to help you give your wardrobe a facelift. It’s time to dive into the seasons of shirts, tanks, light blouses, shorts, skirts, dresses, and other weather-appropriate clothing. So, whether you’re looking to stay…

Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning

It may not feel like it outside… but spring is just over a month away! While you’re staying warm inside and dreaming of sunny days, why not get a jump start on your spring cleaning? It’s a great time of year to make room in your closet for the upcoming spring trends. You can also rid yourself of the holiday decorations that stayed in the garage this year!

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