Thrifty Tips for a DIY Halloween


When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, your options are limitless... but your budget doesn’t have to be! We’ve got your back with thrifty tips to help you put together your new favorite costume. Our biggest piece of advice is to combine new thrift buys with what you have on-hand. We’ll help you work through this creative math problem and help you pair easy-to-find VOA Thrift pieces with what you have in your closet! (or your friend’s closet!) Go for it and your inner creative genius will find you.

Generic Colored T-Shirts

You can find a wide selection of colored t-shirts in all shapes and sizes. It just depends on the look you’re going for! The best part about using t-shirts for your Halloween costume is you have a full color wheel of material at your fingertips to create an m&m costume of any color, a fruit of any kind, the Pac-Man suite of characters, and so much more! You can use different colored t-shirts to create the intricacies of the ‘m’s,’ Pac-Man eyes, and fruit texture. Just add black pants or leggings and your favorite sneakers or heels.


Suits, Blazers, and Ties... OH MY!

VOA Thrift has both men’s and women’s suits to help you pull off your best Jeopardy host outfit! If trivia isn’t your style, pair a suit with your old Bluetooth earpiece and be a sports agent or business professional.

With the right tie and blazer, you could be Loki Variant, Wheel of Fortune host Pat, or save the galaxy as a Men in Black agent!


Games Galore

Add a fun and interactive element to your gameshow host costume by grabbing something from our game collection! Play the standard game or create your own, it’s up to you.


Easy Grab-n-Go Costumes:

Jake from StateFarm is a tried-and-true classic costume. Just grab some khakis, a red polo and a pair of shoes and you’re good to go.


Wednesday Adams is a solid go-to costume this year that is very simple to put together. There are many black dresses to choose from, just make sure you snag a long-sleeved white shirt that has a collar to it, and you’re all set!


Let your creative juices flow this year and remember you have options at VOA Thrift! If you're looking for additionalinspiration, check out last year’s blog for more to think about.

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