5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with VOA Thrift

Can you feel it in the air? It’s getting colder out there and just a little bit spooky! Halloween will be here before you know it, so at Volunteers of America Thrift we’re stocked to help you put together that DIY (do-it-yourself) costume you’ve been dreaming of all year long.

If you’re looking for ideas to stick to your budget this year, here are the top 5 DIY costumes you can make (for you, your kids, or a group of friends!) from one of our VOA Thrift stores:

  1. Senior Citizen: You’ll no doubt find oversized sweaters or a night gown to keep this look on-point. Thrift often has slippers, glasses, and walkers or canes to accompany this costume. All you’ll need is some gray hair spray to complete the look!

  2. M&M’s: This is an easy one to put together for yourself or with a group of friends – just grab the rainbow of colors in any item, typically an oversized t-shirt, and cut out an “m” from white construction paper (or transfer iron-on paper if you’re feeling fancy) and you’re set.

  3. Fruit of all kinds: Pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, lemon, kiwi – you name it, you can probably put it together with items from our stores. Example: For a pineapple, just look for a yellow shirt you can draw (^) notches on and a green hat – or make your own out of green construction paper.

  4. Wind-Blown Weather Person: You can often find umbrellas at our Thrift stores – just turn it inside out and grab an outfit a weather news reporter would wear and have fun gelling your hair to one side!

  5. Farmer or Brawny Paper Towel Man: All you’ll need for this costume is a flannel shirt and some jeans!

Choose your own Halloween adventure at a VOA Thrift store near you! If all else fails, just grab a pullover sweater, a dress shirt, and a smile, like Ted Lasso.