Amani carried her suffering inside for far too long in an attempt to hide from her PTSD. Her mental health suffered, and she became homeless. Her memories tormented her until she realized there was no escape. But when she needed help, your hand was there to lift her up.

Holiday DYI tree decorations

Last-Minute Thrifty Holiday Decorations

It’s the week of Christmas, are your holiday decorations sparkling in the windows? Everyone decorates for the holidays differently. Some have had the tree up since November, some have had wreaths on the door since October, and some love waiting until the last possible moment and decorating the week of Christmas when spirits are high.

Whether you’re scrambling to get all decorations up or looking for that last final touch to your winter wonderland, we’ve got you covered at VOA Thrift. Stop by this week to find decorations big and small, sparkly and classic, or over the top.

Thrifting Through the Holidays

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, are you prepared for all your guests or bringing that hostess gift or side dish? At VOA Thrift we’ve got your back with everything you need to sit back and enjoy your company. Or, bring an appetizer, gift, or platter to your family or Friendsgiving dinner.

Check out our list below for items you might not have realized you can find at your local VOA Thrift Store, and rest easy this holiday season.

Resolution Season

It’s past mid-January in the new year and some of us are still trying to figure out where 2022 went! Others had their 2023 plans ready to go before the tree went up. Whether you’re “running late,” or you’ve sprinted ahead, there’s always time to take a look at your aspirations for the year and adjust.

Set yourself up for success! At VOA Thrift, there are a few goals we can easily help you achieve in 2023.

DIY Dog Bed

February is the month of love! Sharing affection this time of year doesn’t always have to refer to significant others… you can also show love to the four-legged friends in your life, too. That’s why this month, we’re sharing a how-to tutorial so you can make a bed for your furry friends using items you can find at VOA Thrift. They need love and snuggles too!

Spring Cleaning… Just in Time!

We have officially arrived in the season of Spring! While the weather isn’t sure what it wants to do yet, it’s a great time to stay inside and get started on your spring cleaning. Make room in your closet for the upcoming warm weather trends or clean out the holiday decorations that stayed in the garage this year!

April Showers Bring…Wedding Season!

April showers might bring May flowers… but they also bring wedding season! May is just around the corner, which will kick off the most popular season to get married. According to, 80% of all weddings take place between May and October. And this year is going to be a doozy with many nuptials getting postponed because of the pandemic.

Spring into a New Wardrobe

Congrats, thrifters! You’ve made it! We are finally past winter, and spring is officially here. If you haven’t had a chance to clean out your closets to make room for new spring and summer fashion trends, now is the time! Check out last month’s blog here for tips to help you cleanse your wardrobe. AT VOA Thrift, we are stocked and ready for you with spring and summer clothing to help you give your wardrobe a facelift. It’s time to dive into the seasons of shirts, tanks, light blouses, shorts, skirts, dresses, and other weather-appropriate clothing. So, whether you’re looking to stay…

Thrifty Holiday Center Pieces

The holiday season is upon us! With Thanksgiving coming up this week and the December holidays just around the corner, we’re here to remind you that your table centerpieces don’t need to break the bank. Whether you’re looking for something fun and funky, classy and elegant, or something that just gets the job done, VOA Thrift locations are stocked with options for your holiday needs. 

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