What We Do

At Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, we are committed to caring for all people who need a hand up to get on their feet. We do so through programs that provide housing and assistance to veterans, mothers struggling with addiction, individuals returning from prison and families in need. We are more than a nonprofit. We are a ministry of service dedicated to helping those in need reach their full potential.


Veterans returning from service face unique challenges as they transition back into civilian life. Our services support veterans in an environment that provides them with a solid foundation: housing, long-term employment, job training, and emotional support services. 

Mental Health & Recovery

We empathize with individuals and families struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. Our emergency treatment services, programs geared towards prevention, and after-care resources are designed to help clients rebuild their lives and thrive.

Criminal Justice & Re-Entry

We understand the challenges faced by individuals looking for a fresh start after exiting prison. Our services give ex-offenders a place where they can transition and work to move forward with their lives through job training, work-release programs, and group counseling.


Our work to end homelessness starts with addressing the specific needs of every family and individual we serve. A home is more than four walls and a roof. It is the foundation on which a person builds to reach their full potential.

Learn more about how you can help create a healthier community for all on our Ways to Give page.

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