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Support your community by visiting your local Volunteers of America thrift store today.

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This is Debbie. She's an expert on all things thrift, and she's here to help you make the most of your experience.

Did you know that you can give back simply by SHOPPING? It's true! In addition to your generous donation of clothing, household items, and more, it's also helpful when you come in and buy those items at any of our Volunteers of America thrift stores. Thrift shopping saves you money and serves your community, whether you're shopping in our Columbus, Ohio thrift stores or any of our Cleveland thrift stores. All across Ohio, your purchases make a difference.

Got unwanted items to donate? Every little bit counts. Those clothes you don't wear anymore. Those pots and pans taking up space in your cabinets. Somebody wants to buy them, and that money will go directly to someone in need. That's what we call shopping for a cause.

Come to one of our donation centers or schedule a free home pick-up, by calling 1-800-873-4505.

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New store coming soon!
We're so excited to be opening a brand new thrift store in Pickerington in early 2019! Learn more about the store. Help us fill the new store by donating your gently used items today.

Donating helps in more than one way.

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100% of all proceeds support programs in your community.