You helped Amani find her light. Because of you, this veteran is healing.

Amani, U.S. Army Veteran

U.S. Army Veteran Amani has known pain and experienced many traumas throughout her life’s journey.

Amani carried her suffering inside for far too long in an attempt to hide from her PTSD. Her mental health suffered, and she became homeless. Her memories tormented her until she realized there was no escape. But when she needed help, your hand was there to lift her up.

“I was going through a troubling time. There was a lot going on. I was in a devastated state. I really needed a certain environment to heal. And for veterans, something I’ve realized is, we are very particular. In order for us to get ourselves to a good place, we need structure. And for me, VOA was that."

“It was an environment where I felt safe. I feel as though it’s that environment that propelled me to find my light.”

"I was able to reflect upon myself when I was around other veterans. The group discussions where we talked about our stories was so helpful because we understood each other. It’s a healing experience to be given that space to talk with people who understand.”

Because of your kindness, Amani could heal and find her strength in a safe place.

“It’s a matter of picking up that strength that developed within you in basic training. I learned how to be strong and how to be resilient. And I’ve found meditation to be a helpful tool.”

Amani found her light, because of you. You gave Amani the hope she needed to shine again.

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