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Outpatient Treatment Center

Accredited outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment for everyone with qualifying insurance.

Providing innovative, results-driven substance abuse and mental health treatment through outpatient and intensive outpatient services.

Without treatment, many addiction and mental health issues can cause feelings of isolation and hopelessness. However, through therapy, individuals can learn how to break familiar cycles and begin to create the change they are looking for. At Volunteers of America of Indiana, we believe that each person can move towards a recovery process. Through our CARF accredited and DMHA certified programming to treat substance abuse and mental illness, clients collaborate with clinicians to create their own goals and formulate a plan towards success.

We accept insurance from the following providers: Anthem, Medicare, Medicaid & Care Select, MDwise, Managed Health Services, and Advantage Health Solutions, Tricare and Aetna.

Call our toll-free number, (844) 455-4673, for more information or to get help.

Our experienced and compassionate clinicians include licensed mental health counselors, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists.

Outpatient treatment for addiction and/or mental illness

Mental Illness

Our programs promise brighter futures to people with persistent serious mental illnesses well as less serious, non-chronic psychiatric issues more frequently treated in outpatient settings. These issues may include anxiety, depression, trauma and psychosis. Other common issues may include recovery from grief, abuse or interpersonal difficulties. Clients will begin with a comprehensive needs assessment, move on to individual service planning, and then begin treatment in individual and/or group therapy services. Learn more about our intensive outpatient therapy for women with co-occurring mental health and substance concerns by calling 317-686-5800 x1033.

Substance Abuse

Our skilled and supportive counselors help men and women recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, chemical dependency and abuse of prescription drugs. Services include relapse prevention, twelve-step support, psycho-education, harm reduction, and cognitive-behavioral treatment. Learn more about our intensive outpatient therapy for women with co-occurring mental health and substance concerns by calling 317-686-5800 x1033.

Family Relations

Family involvement is welcomed, if appropriate, to the client's situation. Staff members also provide help for those seeking answers to family problems, relationship troubles, and parenting issues.

Our therapists work with clients at any stage of readiness for change. We are happy to accept those with minimal to extensive treatment experience.

We maintain close relationships with many community agencies and will facilitate referral in the case any client’s needs are beyond the scope of service for the outpatient clinic(s).

"I learned that I have to rebuild bridges that I have destroyed. I feel okay to be myself. The counselors treated me in a way that I have always wanted to be treated, I just didn't know how to reach out to people."


Agencies interested in sending referrals to our behavioral health clinic can send an email to Jason Katte at

Visit the Volunteers of America National Behavioral Health Website for Details on Nationwide Clinical Treatment Options.