Operation Backpack®

The kids in our community need you!

Let’s join together to help every child start their school year ready to chase their dreams and take on the world!

When you join Operation Backpack® you’ll give homeless and at-risk children in your community hope. This kind of hope is a new backpack filled with school supplies.

This is confidence. This is how we help give equal opportunity to all children.

Did you know families in need can’t afford a backpack and school supplies for their children? It’s last on the list when they are balancing all of their basic needs expenses, like utilities, mortgages, rent and so on.

On average, school supplies and fees costs from $696 to $1,300 per child. (Source: National Retail Federation).

When you give a backpack and school supplies, you are helping children AND their parents who are working hard to make ends meet. You’re giving hope to the entire family!

You can help kids become whatever they imagine and dream. Imagine the possibilities!

You’re a dream maker. You are hope.

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Give hope in your community!

Operation Backpack® begins July 13, 2020 in your community.

Because of the compassion of Union Home Mortgage Foundation, kids in Ohio & Indiana will be filled with hope and surrounded by love and backpacks!