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The kids heading back to school!

You can snag amazing finds at VOA Thrift for everyone in the family.

The kids heading back to school – while fun and exciting – can also be a stressful and expensive time for many parents. The mid-august timeframe and kids back in school means fall is just around the corner (September 22nd to be exact!). The change in seasons usually marks a time when kids need a wardrobe refresher because last year’s styles no longer fit. Although, kids don’t always need a change of season to require new clothes, sometimes they’ll outgrow the new outfits soon after buying them!

That’s why shopping at VOA Thrift for kids clothing just makes sense! You can snag amazing finds at great value for everyone in the family.

Check out some of the children’s clothing in our stores below! You can find something for everyone in the family, but here we’re highlighting our kid’s collection.


Whether he needs another casual play outfit because the last set is covered in summertime grass stain fun, or he needs a new outfit for an upcoming school event – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got button-ups for dressier occasions!


No matter her style, she’ll find something she loves to help her strut her stuff.

And as the cooler weather comes in over the next few months, remember that your kids can layer up in the clothes they love at excellent value with VOA Thrift!

Bonus! Thrifty Kids Activity

If your kids are old enough, shopping at VOA Thrift can help them learn budgeting skills in real time with you by their side. Give them a budget of $20-30 (whatever you decide) and they can pick out new clothes within their budget. They could even choose a game or toy with any leftover budget money!

VOA Thrift is a place where you can get amazing finds at great value. It’s also a place where, whether you are making a purchase or a donation, you are helping veterans, individuals, and families in your community thrive. When the kids (or you) are no longer in need of your clothes and other household items, you can donate them to your local VOA Thrift store to help people in your community find hope and reach their full potential.

Find a store near you to shop Fun Fits for Kids and more!

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