DIY Upcycled Summer Craft


Celebrating the start of summer with this DIY upcycled craft

Check out this project that gives older patio furniture a fresh look.

Can you believe it? The first day of summer is this week! Hopefully you are enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes outside with friends on decks, patios, and poolside. It’s always fun to explore local spots, but why not give your outdoor space at home a little love too? 

In this month’s blog, we’re upcycling small outdoor patio furniture! This method can be used for everything from small end tables and chairs to dinner tables and decorative items. 

Let’s explore how great faux-granite spray paint can be! 

Step 1: Gather materials. 

  • Granite Spray Paint (you can find at any hardware store) 
  • Wash cloths  
  • Painter’s tape and cardboard (if you need to keep the paint away from certain areas of the furniture) 
  • Furniture item of choice, in our case, we have two metal end tables 
  • Sandpaper (only if you need to smooth out any uneven surfaces) 
  • Sheet or newspaper  

Step 2: Prepare the surface. 

Use wash cloths to thoroughly clean your surface of any dirt or dust. This is also when you’ll want to sand any uneven surfaces. Be sure to wipe away any additional dust afterward. 

Step 3: Tape off sections, if needed. 

Our metal tables have a glass surface that we’d like to keep, so we’re measuring accordingly and taping next to the paint area.

Step 4: It’s painting time! 

Note: For our metal surfaces, we’re just going for it. But you may need to add a coat of primer if you don’t want the color underneath to show. 

Hold the paint can 8-10 inches from the surface and spray away! 

Step 5: Allow to dry & remove tape.

The paint should dry to the touch in 4 hours and will be fully cured in 24 hours. After you feel it’s fully dry, remove the cardboard and tape if necessary.  


And there you go! Have fun with faux-granite paint, it can be used for wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, and more!  

Visit a VOA Thrift location near you and get started today! 

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