DIY Group Halloween Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner!

There’s a crisp in the air again. VOA Thrift is stocked with fall decorations, starter costumes, and all the good finds you need to enjoy Halloween without breaking the bank!

There’s still plenty of time to choose your look, so in this blog we’re outlining the costumes that take the most coordination and creativity… group costumes! Take our tips and let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

Group 1: The Sopranos

This one might be the easiest on the list. Every VOA Thrift has racks of these loose, collared, bowling-vibe shirts. You can pair it with trousers of your own or take advantage of our selection. Top it off with a gold chain necklace and you’re set. Optional: Carry a tray of baked ziti with you all night.

Group 2: Yellowstone

Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, flannel with a vest or a fun sundress (if you’re going for the Beth look) is all you need for this group costume. OH! And the Dutton attitude. It’s all about the attitude.

Group 3: Colors of the Rainbow

This group costume works for friends with different styles because you can choose your own adventure when it comes to the outfit. Grab a bunch of t-shirts (pair with leggings or jeans), or go fancy and find dresses or suits in all colors of the rainbow. Either way, you’re sure to brighten up the party. Bonus points if you bring a pot of gold.

Group 4: Cruella & Puppies

If you’re looking for a larger group costume, Cruella and the dalmatians are perfect because you can add as many puppies as you’d like! Technically up to 101, but who’s counting? First, choose your devilish lead character. There are elaborate and simple options for her costume. The easiest approach is a black dress and red shoes paired with a white coat (bonus points if there are spots). You can also look for black and white polka dot patterned skirts or dresses. Keep an eye out for red gloves and a black and white wig, but you may need to grab those from Amazon.

For the puppies, again, simple or elaborate depending on your style! You can always find black and white T-shirts to cut and paste for the dalmatian effect. You can also find dresses or skirts with similar patterns. And the ears? Find some earmuffs and design your ears with markers or go the extra mile and add some leftovers from the cut t-shirts.

Group 5: Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, & Daphne

Get the gang back together and load up the Mystery Machine! This group costume requires a little extra effort from each member.

Scooby – Look for brown clothing and add some Scooby’s spots. The key here is Scooby’s collar and dog tag. Check out our jewelry section for blue and green items and get crafty!

Shaggy – No surprise here, Shaggy’s costume might be the easiest to find. Brown pants and a green shirt are all you need to channel your inner Shaggy!

Velma – The key here is to think orange and have eye glasses. Check out our sweater selection for bright orange, pair with red skirt, orange tall socks and glasses if you can find them!

Fred – This costume is simple enough to find, blue pants and a white long-sleeved shirt. But you can’t forget the most important part – the ascot! Look through our selection of scarves, or make your own using material or a shirt. 

Stay on the lookout for more tips and tricks to create your best Halloween looks at VOA Thrift!

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