Design Your Own Monthly Calendar


The New Year is here and 2023 is in the rearview mirror!

As you look to the year ahead, getting organized will help you accomplish the goals you have in mind for 2024.

In this month’s blog, we’ll take it one month at a time with a DIY monthly calendar made from items purchased at VOA Thrift.  

Let’s get to it! 

Step One: Gather your items. 

  • Medium-large picture frame with glass 
  • Paper or fabric cut to frame size (the background for your calendar) 
  • Permanent marker 
  • Dry erase marker 
  • Optional: Mod podge, glitter, items to add flair to your calendar 

Step Two

Clean and prepare frame and glass. Clean glass carefully with glass cleaner. 

Step Three

Use a ruler to measure your day boxes – you’ll need space for the month name and at least five rows horizontally with 7 vertical rows. Each box should be roughly 2”x2” 

Pro tip: If you have lots of extra space in your frame, you can create a weekly task list to-do area!  

Step Four

Mark it up! Use a permanent marker to draw your lines for each day. After you have your grid, you can choose to create smaller boxes where you can add monthly numbers.  

Step Five

Mod podge, glitter, or paint your frame if you’d like to spice it up! 

Step Six

Place the glass in the frame, add your colored paper or fabric backing and secure the contents into the frame with provided fasteners. 

Step Seven

Start planning! Use a dry erase marker to write the month and mark your days.  

Pro tip: Use a black or dark marker to write the day numbers so you can distinguish them from your notes for each day. 

Use your monthly calendar to keep track of appointments and fun activities each month! And remember, VOA Thrift has affordable, incredible finds for all your thrifting goals. 

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