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A community that helps together, thrives together!

The Crossroads Community Campaign is about treating anyone who needs shelter, with dignity and respect, in all possible ways. At Crossroads each person who becomes homeless can rebuild their life.

"It's like someone turned on the sunshine in here."

Today, hope fills the Crossroads Shelter and every person is surrounded with love. For over a year, faith-based organizations, individuals, community groups, foundations, and businesses have come together to ensure that Crossroads is the building block for every person who has fallen hard times, to reach their full potential.

Because of you...
Every wall has been painted.
Every fixture replaced.
Hope is everywhere.
And every step of the way, you’ve been there.

And we need you to keep being there. Help and hope are always needed.
Every day a new face appears at Crossroads’ door. Seeking help and refuge and asking for the guidance to rebuild their life.

You can help someone today. Here’s how:

Give Love & Hope.

Journey Home to Crossroads.

Send a Personal Message of Hope.

Roll Out the Help for National Toilet Paper Day

Friday, August 24 | 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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