Corporate Engagement

Corporate Group

Make an impact, together.

We have meaningful volunteer experiences for corporate groups of all sizes. And, we can customize your experience to fit your schedule! You will have an experience that gives hope to your neighbors who need it most.

Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana will work with a representative from your company to plan an activity that best suits your group. There is no limit to the number of times a company can participate.

Your engagement could include outdoor beautification at housing facilities for homeless veterans, creating learning experiences for individuals involved in our services, assembling backpacks with food for kids in need, and much more.

Benefits of Corporate Engagement

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    Team Building

    Engaging employees in a community partnership strengthens talent retention, boosts morale and provides team development opportunities. With Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, volunteering is fun, easy and accessible to individuals and groups alike. Most importantly, we provide meaningful, engaging volunteer opportunities for everyone.

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    Community Building

    Community involvement helps your company reach a broader audience. Participating companies can see increased sales and improved client relationships. Community focus strengthens your company as an industry and community leader with stakeholders, employees and customers.

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    Recruitment & Retention

    Employees want to work for companies that care and are socially responsible. Involving employees in a mix of volunteer work, skills giving, workplace giving programs and matching gift opportunities provides employees with a sense of purpose and makes them feel more connected to the community and your company's social responsibility efforts.


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