DIY Halloween Decorations


Spooky season is here! Many of you have had your decorations out since August, while others are just pulling the witches and broomsticks out this week. Is it spooky how few Halloween decorations you have around? Have no fear! VOA Thrift is stocked to help you add the sparkle and spook you desire.

Last month on the blog, we shared our tips for getting your DIY Halloween costume at VOA Thrift. And this month, we’re sharing some tips to create your own Halloween decorations without breaking the bank.

Get creative and go dark!

Just about anything can be a Halloween decoration if you paint it black. We highly recommend looking around the faux plant section of our stores because just one coat of black spray paint will give you the haunted and scary vibe you’re looking for.


Don't forget to think outside the box with this black spray paint method! Any sort of ceramic plate, pitcher, or dish with ornate markings will make a great spooky decoration. The more intricate the markings and carvings are, the spookier your finished product will be.


Bonus! If you have some light-colored glitter laying around, add it to sparkle up the darkness.

T-Shirt Projects

You can find just about any color of t-shirt at VOA Thrift. For Halloween, the target colors are usually orange, black, white, and purple. You can use them to make plush pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and more! The idea here is to think of a spooky object with a rounded center. To keep it simple, we made a ghost you can string up and hang from your doorknob or curtain rod.


You’ll just need a needle and thread if you plan to hang your decoration, and a sharpie if you plan to add eyes or other markings. Cut the outer shape you need for your decoration first, and keep in mind it’s not an exact science. For the ghost, cut out a large square. Then cut a bigger piece to roll into a ball to create the “insides,” and tie a knot at the bottom so there is a smooth round top. You can play around with how big or small you want them to be.

Add your ghost guts to the outer layer. Draw on some eyes if desired, string up from the top, and voila, your Halloween decorations have arrived!

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