5 Items Under $5 at VOA Thrift

There’s no denying how expensive it has become just to live in the world! It seems like the price of just about everything is skyrocketing these days. So, when you need a place where you can count on amazing finds at great value, VOA Thrift has your back. This month, we put together a list of 5 summery items you can find at VOA Thrift for under $5 each.

1. If you’re hitting the green soon and looking for new apparel, we have a wide selection of golf shirts – many of which are under $5!


2. Refresh your tank game with these fun patterns and styles.


3. Need a way to beat the heat this summer? We have so many board games, you could stay inside all summer... (though, it’s probably good for you to get some vitamin D every once in a while).


4. Spruce up your space with a new vase!


5. Do you really need another Hawaiian shirt? The answer is always yes. Especially when they are under $5.


Bonus Item: We have baskets of all shapes and sizes, generally under $5! Snag your ideal picnic basket and head to the park for a bite.


There’s plenty more where that came from! Stop by your local VOA Thrift and explore today.