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Turning Point Recovery Center

Providing substance abuse treatment and integrative therapy

The Turning Point Recovery Center is focused on identifying and treating the complicated nature of addiction while focusing on adverse experiences and/or trauma that may be the underlying cause of continued substance use and criminal activity.

The program uses an individualized, holistic and comprehensive recovery approach in addressing the barriers clients face. Access to substance abuse education and therapy, and life-skills training will assist clients in applying recovery skills, preventing relapse, improving emotional functioning, promoting personal responsibility and building adaptive skills that may not have been achieved or have been diminished during the client’s active addiction.

The Turning Point Recovery Center applies evidence-based approaches in facilitating individual treatment, group programming and family services in order to increase likelihood of client success and long-term sobriety. Co-occurring disorders are treated as well.

Referrals are accepted through IDOC Parole and include individuals that continue to fail drug screens and are in need of clinically based inpatient treatment services.

To refer a client, contact Kirsti Thomas
Phone: (317) 617-1270

Program Details

Turning Point will serve 15 clients at one time for a stay of up to 45 days. Clients will receive at least 4 hours of group programming per day, one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with a licensed clinical professional, case management services, as well as 24 hour Recovery Specialists who are trained in the cycle and treatment of addiction and trauma. The group models are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group
  • Family Education Group
  • Psycho-education Group
  • Substance Abuse Education Group
  • Skills Development Group
  • Interpersonal Process Group

Clients may be connected with Medicated Assisted Treatment services as needed.

During their stay, clients will not have access to personal cell-phones, but will have a phone in their living quarter to communicate with family as needed. During their 45 days in Turning Point, clients will stay in facility full time unless medically or legally necessary.

After successfully completing the program, each client will be linked to intensive outpatient services to promote and sustain long-term recovery.

Contact Allison Pugh for more information:

Staff truly hope to make an impact in the lives of each client and provide the necessary services to not only hinder the cycle of addiction, but to also reduce recidivism rates in Indiana. This program is a component of the harm-reduction model versus abstinence only and is dedicated to meet each client where they are when they walk through our doors for the first time.