Stuff a Backpack

Helping Kids in Need Succeed

Every new backpack filled with supplies you give to Operation Backpack® helps at-risk kids succeed in school.  Because they no longer have to worry if they will have the tools needed for class, they can focus on their studies, confident and prepared to learn. Use our downloadable supply list, and know that every filled backpack is one more life changed.

To make sure we can get the backpacks and supplies to kids in time for school, all donations must be dropped-off by Sunday, August 9, 2015.

OB_backpacks_320x177.jpg 1 Backpack = A Brighter Future

You'll be helping kids in no time:

  1. Download the supply list.
  2. Go to the store to get a new backpack and school supplies.
  3. Fill the backpack!
  4. Checkmark the supplies on the list that are in the bag (Please leave missing items blank.)
  5. Fill out your contact information and place the list inside your backpack. 
  6. Locate your nearest drop location to donate.
  7. Don't forget to post a photo and encourage others to get involved!

If you would like to also organize your own donation drive at your company, club, camp, school, or place of worship, let us know! Visit the Organize a Drive page to learn more.

Use #OBPOH and #OperationBackpack for all of your social media posts!

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