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  • De'Angilo's Story

    In Six Words: It’s about progress, not about perfection.

    Only 28 years-old and De’Angilo has already seen so much, of the world and of himself. Today, he is fighting the good fight, for his happiness.

  • Teresa's Story

    In Six Words: I am still a good person.

    Despite life’s trials, veteran Teresa works her way back . . . back to her family, her personal sustainability and to a home she can call her own.

  • Brenton's Story

    In Six Words: One way out. Reality then reconstruction.

    Young Brenton saw the military as his way out of a troublesome future. What he found was a harsh reality that today he is fighting to overcome.

  • Debra's Story

    In six words: In charge of my own destiny.

    Debra's daughter was college-bound, until her husband lost his job. After receiving a foreclosure notice on Thanksgiving, she found herself homeless.

  • Chaz

    Hope for the future of our veterans

    Now, with a stable foundation for the future, Chaz feels like nothing is impossible