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  • Gerald

    Despite Gerald's challenges with chronic homelessness, cancer, and addiction, he has been a source of happiness and inspiration to his fellow homeless veterans at Brandon Hall.

  • Jeremey

    A journey of hope and healing, thanks to you.

    A journey of hope and healing, thanks to you.

  • Olivia Recovers from Addiction and Reunites with her Children

    With help from Volunteers of America Indiana's drug addiction treatment center, the Fresh Start Recovery Center, Olivia could overcome her addiction and prepare to obtain custody of her children again.

  • At Brandon Hall, Scott found the reentry program he needed

    Scott's first experience at a work release facility did not go well for him, but this time around Brandon Hall provided him with case management and excellent staff to help his mental health problems and boost his self-confidence.

  • Jaylyn

    Building a better future for the next generation

    Your support gives young adults the building blocks to reach their full potential and help create a more vibrant community.

  • Randy Overcomes Homelessness and Becomes a Pharmaceutical Salesman

    Through the Homeless Veteran Reintegration Program in Fort Wayne, Randy was able to establish a career instead of just finding another job.

  • Hope in action, every day

    The Last 135 Days

    So much has happened since the Faces of Hope Breakfast, and I am pleased to share with you a quick update.

  • Kevin's Story

    In six words: A hero he will always be.

    Sacrifice and loss followed Kevin in his military and post-military life – and created a hero.

  • Gary's Story

    Read how YOU helped this Navy veteran.

    Navy veteran Gary left the streets and found his own home, working for an engineering firm.

  • Anthony's Story

    In six words: Even here, I have God’s Favor.

    After drugs, divorce and prison, ordained minister Anthony finally became the man he wanted to be at 58 years old.