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  • Matthew

    A Nurtured Spirit

    Because of your support, Matthew is thriving and no longer homeless.

  • Derrel

    Leaves of Change

    Derrel dreams of being the CEO of his own company and because of your support, he's one step closer to achieving that dream.

  • Andrew

    Seeds of Hope

    When Andrew's downtown apartment was redeveloped and the rent increased, he found himself homeless. Thanks to your support, he found shelter and safety.

  • Jevette

    Thanks to you, Jevette found hope and peace. Now, she is giving back by volunteering to help other veterans.

    Through your support, Jevette now has hope for the future and can give back to others in her community. Thank you for helping her on her journey to restoration.

  • Karen

    Thanks to you, a lifetime of abuse has been healed for this veteran.

    Because of you, Karen has started to find peace. Thank you for giving her hope for her future.

  • Hazel

    Navy veteran, has big dreams for her future...thanks to you!

    Hazel's life was spiraling out of control. Because of you, she found hope and now has her own apartment looks forward to the future.

  • Michael

    Thanks to you, a U.S. army veteran found hope, a new home and the courage to survive.

    Because of you, Michael thanks God every day for the life he lives today. Thank you for not letting him stray away from the path he was meant for.

  • Lawrence

    A powerful journey of family and prosperity, thanks to you.

    Because of you, Lawrence didn’t just get his life and his mom back, he got prosperity, emotional stability, and an overwhelming sense of well-being.

  • Deanna Burdsall - Sober for seven years thanks to our addiction counseling services

    When Deanna started our work-release program in Indianapolis seven years ago, her life was in shambles. She had been using drugs for over thirty years and didn’t know how to get sober in order to turn her life around. Thankfully, our addiction counselors were there for her.

  • Christine

    A female veteran's journey of determination and recovery, thanks to you.

    A female veteran's journey of determination and recovery, thanks to you.