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  • Haley

    Finding hope and stability

    A mother rebuilt her life for herself and her son at Fresh Start Recovery Center. Because of your support, she found hope.

  • Thomas

    Rebuilding his Life

    Thomas, an Army Veteran, is striving to live a life of paying it forward. Through services and work at Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, Thomas was able to rebuild his life.

  • Katelyn

    Making a comeback.

    A mother finds hope at Fresh Start Recovery Center and finds the confidence to make a comeback from her addiction.

  • Tanya

    A homeless Army veteran finding support and belonging.

    Your support gave Tanya and her daughter a place to call home after finding themselves homeless on graduation day.

  • James

    A path to a new purpose in life.

    Because of you, James, an Army veteran, found a new purpose in life after losing his sight.

  • Maria

    Finding hope and stability.

    Maria and her family found the support they need through family & housing services at Volunteers of America.

  • John

    A path to recovery

    Because of your help, John was given the chance to recovery and is now 10 months sober.

  • Cierra

    Changing her life one step at a time.

    Cierra was battling with substance use disorder and pregnant. Enrolling at Fresh Start Recovery center was her second chance at life and she's ready to work at it one step at a time.

  • Patrick

    It's okay to ask for help

    Patrick, a Navy veteran, was a loving father and IT professional. He started drinking and soon found himself divorced, out of a job, and homeless. He came to Volunteers of America to find help and hope.

  • Darryl

    Becoming the man he wants to be

    Darryl went from being a Staff Sargent in the Marines to facing a life-changing prison sentence. When he came to Volunteers of America, he learned how to cope and rebuild his life.