Leona found refuge at Brownstone Manor

After Leona's husband died, she felt insecure and unsafe. But she found a good home and financial stability at Brownstone Manor in Terre Haute.

When Leona's husband passed away she no longer felt safe on their farm where she lived by herself in a small town. As she weighed her options, Brownstone Manor in Terre Haute came to mind. She was already familiar with that housing option since her sister was living there at the time, and so she decided to join her. Sadly, after a while her sister's health started to fail. But Leona was grateful that she was able to help her sister as she weakened and be with her in her last days on the Earth.

Since that time, Leona has also had her share of health problems. But she enjoys the support and services arranged by Brownstone Manor to assist her in her own apartment during those times when she is recuperating.

“The support and services I've received while recuperating from health problems have made me feel safe and content."

Leona is also able to find great reward in a volunteer opportunity as a Foster Grandparent at a local elementary school. This sort of program wasn't offered in her small hometown so this was an added blessing for moving.

She has lived at Brownstone Manor since 2003 and continues to enjoy her time there. With wonderful friendships and community events and activities provided by Brownstone Manor it's easy for her to have fun. Today she plays Bingo, attends meal program and musical entertainment events, and enjoys the outdoor gazebo and patio areas on our grounds with the friends she has made. No one can put it better than she can,"I would recommend Brownstone Manor to anyone."