Lekeisha's Family

Independence for a brighter tomorrow

Lekeisha, a single mom of three, hit rock bottom when she unexpectedly lost her job and had a nervous breakdown. A hospital stay tore her family apart with her two oldest children going to stay with family. She didn't know if or when they would be reunited. To make matters worse, she could not make rent and she was evicted from her apartment. Lekeisha and her youngest daughter, Ariyan, were homeless.

For years, Lekeisha had struggled to make ends meet for her family. Her paychecks could not always cover the bills. In the past, when she needed help, family and friends had provided a place for the family to stay. But this time, Kekeisha was out of options.

Nervous and scared, Lekeisha and Ariyan entered a homeless shelter and were quickly connected with Volunteers of America's programs for families in crisis. Soon in an apartment of their own, Lekeisha and Ariyan were finally reunited with older children Derrick and IIlyse.

When I felt like there was no hope, Volunteers of America was there with an open door letting me know that hope was still alive.

Along with an apartment, Volunteers of America provided Lekeisha with job assistance, supportive case management and help with the groceries.

Now, things are getting back to normal for the Weaver family. The kids are teasing each other, Lekeisha has paid off much of her debt and "home is home again," she says.

Lekeisha has plans to start saving for the kids' education and future. After that, she is looking forward to going back to school herself and someday owner a home of her own.