Finding hope and stability

Haley, mother

Through the help of kind hearts like yours, Haley received the support she needed to rebuild her life. For the first time in years, she has stable employment, a place to call her own, and a vehicle. She now has hope for a better future for herself and her child.

After graduating from high school, Haley’s life began to spiral out of control. For years, she used drugs every day, and during this time, she had her first-born son. Haley knew she needed help, but without the necessary tools to access treatment, her son was permanently removed from her care. Haley was heartbroken but hoped to somehow remain in contact with her son.

Still working to overcome her addiction, she became pregnant again. But, this time, Haley was determined to get well and keep her baby.

She had tried other programs before but none of them would allow her to keep her child with her. To Haley, and other moms working to get well, being able to keep her child during recovery gave her the strength and motivation she needed. 

“Having my baby with me there reminded me every day why I needed to get better. I needed to do this for me and him.”

She remembered that her best friend’s mother had received help from Volunteers of America several years prior. After doing some research, she found VOA offers a unique program which allows mothers battling addiction to keep their children with them while they receive treatment. Upon leaving the hospital, she began her journey to well-being with her baby at Volunteers of America’s Fresh Start Recovery Center.

“The hope I found, and being surrounded by other mothers, truly makes all the difference. They all understand what you’re going through, and really support one another. The other moms, the staff, all the women there; they’re just awesome.”

For the first time in years, Haley has the independence and support system in place to continue to thrive. She continues to meet with her Volunteers of America caseworker on a regular basis. Her son is happy and healthy, and Haley is on a path to well-being that she hasn’t been on in years. This is all possible thanks to the help of your kind heart. You gave Haley and her baby hope.

I want to help mothers like Haley
find hope and stability.