Changing her life one step at a time.

Cierra & Ari'Anna

"I don't know where I'd be without this program."

For 21 year old Cierra, “one more time” had become her mantra. Just one more, it won’t hurt anything, she would think to herself. I will stop after this hit she told herself over and over again. It was not until she had her daughter that she turned “one last time” into “taking it one day at a time”.

Growing up in a single parent home, Cierra’s childhood was less than ideal. At age 15 she began using drugs and soon her life began spiraling out of control. Beginning at age 17 Cierra began a viscous cycle of recovery and addiction.

This destructive pattern did not stop until at 20 years old she became a mother. It was at the time that Cierra checked herself into the Fresh Start Recovery Program. At Fresh Start, Cierra was able to begin the road to sobriety while also learning to be a new mother.

She acknowledges that taking the step to get help has changed her life forever.

“It was rough, but the support I had was amazing. I've never had more support in my life and have never been able to truly open up about my situation until I came to Volunteers of America."

Though she has completed the 75 day inpatient treatment program Cierra recognizes that her aftercare is just as important. She still attends group meetings, outpatient and individual therapy at Volunteers of America each month.

“I knew I wanted my daughter over active addiction any day so I did the work and now I have a home with her."

Today Cierra is a thriving 21 year old mother with a beautiful little girl. 

You can help more mothers, like Cierra, on their journey of hope and transformation.