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  • Rhonda

    The light of your heart helped Rhonda. She shines bright because of you!

    U.S. Army Veteran Rhonda has a gentle demeanor and a strong voice. And if there’s one thing she’s passionate about, it’s standing up for others.

  • Amani

    You helped Amani find her light. Because of you, this veteran is healing.

    U.S. Army Veteran Amani has known pain and experienced many traumas throughout her life’s journey. Amani carried her suffering inside for far too long in an attempt to hide from her PTSD.

  • Andrew

    You helped Andrew restore his faith and find hope.

    Andrew, a U.S. Army Veteran, has been on a lifelong journey to find hope and restore his faith in God.

  • Dana

    Finding hope and giving back.

    It might not always be easy, but Dana finds comfort in sharing her experience with addiction so she can help others find success in their recovery journey.

  • Caitlyn


    Caitlyn, a mother, found new beginnings for herself and her children at Fresh Start Recovery Center.

  • Amanda

    Thriving and living her best life

    Amanda, a mother, has found safe housing, a new foundation, and is now able to focus on building a path to well-being for her family.

  • Jesse

    Finding hope and stability

    Jesse, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, has hope for the first time in a long time.

  • Randy

    Finding the support and hope to thrive

    Randy, an U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, is rebuilding his life. Through services at Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, Randy has found the support and hope needed to thrive.

  • Haley

    Finding hope and stability

    A mother rebuilt her life for herself and her son at Fresh Start Recovery Center. Because of your support, she found hope.

  • Thomas

    Rebuilding his Life

    Thomas, an Army Veteran, is striving to live a life of paying it forward. Through services and work at Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, Thomas was able to rebuild his life.