Sharing All Stories – A Reflection on DE&I by Tara Foxworth-Reese

I became a DE&I Ambassador because I genuinely love people. Most importantly, I love seeing people thrive and being part of their process of change. One of the biggest ways we can ensure this change takes place is by seeing people as individuals and actively listening as they identify what their needs are. Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana does a great job of listening, not only to clients, but to staff as well.

When I first joined the VOA family, I was excited about working with the Veteran population because my father was a veteran. He always spoke so highly of the people who were involved in his care through the VA hospital and other agencies. I had no idea that I was joining an organization that also cares so much about its employees.

The culture of Volunteers of America is one that is inclusive and a true ministry of service, illustrating the presence of God in all that we do. Our DE&I initiative is another extension of our core values. 

“It reflects our commitment to ensuring that although we recognize all people as equal, we also recognize individuality and strive to promote a more equitable environment for our staff, our programs and for the communities we serve.”

Joining Volunteers of America’s DE&I initiative is yet another way I can express the core values of this organization in all that I do.

Learn more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Volunteers of America.

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