Restoring Hope Society

Transforms Lives

The Restoring Hope Society is a community of people who work together to ensure every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

This level of giving creates momentum for lasting change in the lives of the veterans, adults, families and children who seek help at Volunteers of America. It’s a belief and a commitment to give hope, restore dignity and transform the lives of people in our communities who struggle every day.

You too can help our community thrive. 

Joining the Restoring Hope Society is a commitment to help veterans, men, women, and families rebuild their lives. For just $84 per month, for 5 years, a total $5,000 commitment, you can be a part of that transformation.

When you give at this level, you’ll build new bridges into a brighter futures, so that everyone can contribute to our community in meaningful ways. You’ll help our community remain vibrant.

Join the Restoring Hope Society Today

For $84 per month, for 5 years, you can help your community thrive.

Contact us for more information:
Phone: 440-717-1500 x 1105