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Collect School Supplies for Kids in Need!

How-To Guide

Organize your own donation drive

Whether it is your company, club, camp, school, or place of worship, you can give confidence to a child in need by organizing a group donation drive. It's a great team building activity that gives back to your community, and helps kids thrive in school!

Join the Pack Challenge!

Challenge your company, club, family, church, or group to collect 50 or more backpacks filled with school supplies and help even more children reach their full potential!

Don't forget to post your photos using #OperationBackpack.

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Start your campaign now!

  1. Let us know you're organizing a drive: Email us below.
  2. Check out our How-To Guidebook for tips on organizing a workplace drive.
  3. Post flyers and supply lists to get others excited.
  4. Don't forget to set deadlines.  Check your local area for deadlines.
  5. Encourage your vendors, partners, church and neighbors to join the effort.
  6. Send us some photos! Or post them on social media using #OperationBackpack.
  7. Don't forget to fill out the reporting form to keep track of donations!
  8. Locate your nearest drop location to donate.
  9. Send us your reporting form so we know what a great job you did.

You can also become a public drop location. Contact us to find out how: