Special Announcement at Community Open House

We announced on Friday, June 30, 2017 that the Crossroads Community Campaign has reached over 52% of its $1.1 million dollar goal.

At an Open House, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio announced that $576,000 has been raised by generous donors to help Crossroads and the Sandusky community.

Sue Reamsnyder, Vice President of Housing, emphasized why Crossroads is so important for the community.

Crossroads is the only county resource for shelter. We believe that Crossroads is more than a shelter. It’s a stepping stone to help people achieve their full potential. It’s the place where people can rebuild the foundations of their lives,” she said.

Robert Toney, Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio board member, stated how this is the largest investment made together to support the individuals, veterans and families.

“This ensures every person who finds themselves at a crossroads in their life will have a place to stay. They’ll be treated with dignity and be surrounded by a caring environment. They’ll have the tools they need to achieve personal well-being,” he said.

Crossroads has helped over 5,000 people in Erie County and will continue to serve the community.

“Since 1999, each of you have been a part of our journey here at Crossroads and today is no exception. It is a great day for Crossroads and the community, and we are truly excited to share the many reasons we are here today,” said Dennis Kresak, President and CEO of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.

Dennis E. Murray, Jr., President of the Sandusky City Commission toured the shelter and spoke about his thoughts on Crossroads’ impact on the community.

“As I thought about our work and toured the shelter, four words came to mind: Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love. Hope is the most important thing you can offer especially at this point in their lives. For all the work that you’ve done, I want to say thank you,” he said.

Pastor Doug Winner of the Sandusky Trinity United Methodist Church delivered an invocation before the remarks.

Thank you to Ohio’s Capital Funding to End Homelessness, the entire Board of Directors of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, The Cafaro Foundation, Telamon Construction Inc., the Crossroads staff, local contractors and the Sandusky community.

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