Lucky Thrift Shopper Finds Picasso Print

Zach Bodish broke the news of his find on his blog.  And from there, the news spread like wildfire.  The Columbus Dispatch reported that Bodish had picked up what seemed to be an signed original Picasso print in the Volunteers of America Thrift Store on Indianola Avenue in Columbus for just $14.14. 

After much many interviews and lots of attention, Bodish and his Picasso eventually made their way to New York City for a taping of Anderson with Anderson Cooper.  While in New York City, Bodish had the opportunity have the print looked over by an appraiser of Christie’s Auction House.

Although not publicly, the appraiser was able to reassure Bodish the signed print was authentic.  Bodish then sold the piece to a Columbus area resident for $7,000.  Not a bad return on investment.