Indianapolis Power of Hope Breakfast focuses on challenges, successes, & rallies support

Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana held its inaugural Indianapolis Power of Hope breakfast on October 10. It was no coincidence that it coincided with World Mental Health Day. The purpose of the event was two-fold: to show the community the work we do to make mental health care a reality for people in our community and to invite people to join our mission to help people rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. And, offer hope.

Hope is the universal lifeline of humanity. If you think about it, everyone at some point in their life needs a little bit of hope to help them on their way, or achieve a goal, or believe in a better tomorrow. Hope is powerful. It can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Caitlyn, a Fresh Start Recovery Center program graduate, and mother, had many years of “bad days” until she enrolled in the program. Fresh Start Recovery Center helps expecting mothers and mothers with small children to recover from substance use disorder and have healthy children.

Caitlyn shared her personal and heartbreaking journey with a roomful of people she never met before to demonstrate the power of hope, her will to survive, and how Volunteers of America saved her life and her family.

Caitlyn entered the Fresh Start Recovery Program 20 weeks pregnant and reached out for help to recover from her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Through the program, she was able to keep her daughter with her, avoiding the foster care system, as she worked to recover and heal. Today, Caitlyn is celebrating over one year of sobriety.

“What was different about VOA was that they fought for you for whatever you needed. When I look at my future, I see endless possibilities.”

Caitlyn and her two children are on their way to a brighter future.

Caitlyn’s story taught us that battling the disease of addiction is a long and tough journey. And, recovery and healing can happen.

We believe the Power of Hope comes not from what we can gain, but from what we can give of ourselves to reshape the very essence of our communities.

When we support mothers, like Caitlyn, we protect the newest generation – their children.

John von Arx, President & CEO VOAOHIN

We know when we combine housing and addiction treatment, women have a stronger chance to recover, heal, and thrive. Our data shows that our success rates are nearly double that of traditional treatment programs. As a result, we’ve been expanding Fresh Start programs across Indiana to communities who’ve reached out for help.

In addition to helping mothers with substance use disorder, we are committed to caring for people of all backgrounds who need a hand up to get on their feet. We do so through programs that provide housing and assistance to veterans, individuals returning from prison, and families in need. Volunteers of America currently offers more than 50 programs and help more than 17,000 veterans, men, women, and children each year in Ohio and Indiana. 

“Volunteers of America’s ministry of service is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. To me, this is being a light in the dark, a guide when you are lost, and a mentor when you need to grow,” said John von Arx III, president and CEO of Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana.

Our sincere thanks to our sponsors and donors for their commitment to support our mission. Take a look at our event pictures.

Hear Caitlyn's personal journey in her own words by watching this inspirational video

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