Columbus Power of Hope Breakfast Highlights a Local Veteran’s Journey out of Homelessness

Featured speaker Tanya (pictured left) with Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana CEO John R. von Arx III.

(COLUMBUS) - Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana held its Columbus Power of Hope Breakfast on November 8. Just a few days from Veterans Day, guests heard from Tanya, a former homeless veteran. She shared the high and lows of her journey from despair to hope and joy.

Tanya, a proud U.S. Army Veteran, never imagined she would experience homelessness or need a helping hand to get her back on her feet; let alone the help of the services of Volunteers of America.

However, on May 22, 2019, Tanya and her daughter found themselves sitting on the porch of an abandoned house, bundled in covers. It was the same morning as her daughter’s high school graduation.

“A day that should’ve been one of the happiest in her life, a day that, me as her mother, should’ve been overjoyed was clouded with worry. I had no idea where we would sleep that night.”

Through the Volunteers of America veterans program, Tanya’s rent was supplemented for the first three months, and she was able to furnish her entire apartment. She also received transportation passes so she could look for work. Tanya was able to get a job at Amazon, where she still works today.

“I never thought I’d be the person in need of help. But I was, and I am so grateful for Volunteers of America. I don’t know where I’d be without all of their help.”

In addition helping veterans, we are committed to caring for people of all backgrounds who need a hand up to get on their feet. We do so through programs for mothers struggling with substance abuse disorder, individuals returning from prison, and families in need. Volunteers of America currently offers more than 50 programs and help more than 17,000 veterans, men, women, and children each year in Ohio and Indiana.

“Volunteers of America’s ministry of service is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. To me, this is being a light in the dark, a guide when you are lost, and a mentor when you need to grow,” said John von Arx III, president and CEO of Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana.

Our sincere thanks to our sponsors and donors for their commitment to support our mission. Take a look at our event pictures.

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