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Women have undoubtedly help shape the world we know today. From Florence Nightingale, to Rosa Parks, to Mother Teresa, women have always played an vital role in history.

It was only 95 years ago that the 19th Amendment, which prohibits sex-based voting restrictions, was ratified into the American Constitution. Less than a century later, women have become CEOs, senators and presidential hopefuls.

In honor of women’s accomplishments, struggles and fight for equality, we celebrated the104th annual International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015.

Female Veterans

Today, women are still helping change the world by fighting in the armed forces overseas. Unfortunately, when they return home, their struggles are often invisible to those around them.

Some female veterans join the military straight out of foster homes at 18 and return home without a place to go. Others suffer from PTSD, MST (military sexual trauma) or other mental health issues resulting from combat that can lead to substance abuse and difficulties with socialization.

It may not come as a surprise that while the overall number of homeless veterans is decreasing, the number of homeless female veterans doubled between 2006 and 2010. Additionally, unemployment is higher for female veterans than it is for males.

Our Programs

The Veterans Domiciliary at Wade Park is a joint project between Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio and the Cleveland VA Medical Center, and is specifically designed to assist the women of our armed forces. This facility houses 15 to 25 homeless female veterans, and has been a temporary home for more than 70 homeless female veterans since it opened in 2011. Residents can use the facility for six months or more while they look for employment and permanent housing.

The SuperJobs Center in Cincinnati is also a facility that helps female veterans by preparing them for today’s job market. Services include:

  • Overcoming employment roadblocks
  • Building interviewing skills
  • Job search assistance
  • Support for families
  • Helping veterans regain their financial independence

Make a Cleveland car donation today

These programs are a great resource for female veteransand depend on the kindness of others for donations.

If you’d like to help female veterans in honor of International Women’s Day, please donate your extra or unused vehicle to Volunteers of America. We’ll take almost anything with a motor, be it a car, truck, boat or RV, even if it’s not running. Same-day towing is available, and you might make more money off of your vehicle as a tax deductible donation than you would by selling it privately.

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