Your Dayton car donation helps homeless veterans stay warm this winter

Ohio winters are notorious for being long, dark, cold, and snowy — a combination that can be physically and emotionally challenging for many people, but even more so for our state's homeless veterans.

One in five homeless adults is a veteran, and in the U.S., the number of homeless Vietnam-era veterans is higher than the number of service persons who died during the Vietnam War.

As the days grow significantly colder and shorter, many homeless veterans migrate from the streets to their local shelter systems to escape the harsh weather. Unfortunately, however, the demand for shelter is often much greater than the supply. And when sleeping on the street is the only option, people experiencing homelessness can easily develop exposure-related (and potentially life-threatening) conditions like hypothermia and frostbite. Those with substance abuse, mental illness, and other physical conditions are at an even greater risk of suffering from serious weather-related ailments, as well.

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Search "donate my car" to find out how you can help

One way you can help during this cold, unrelenting season is by donating your car to VOAGO. Your car donation goes a long way toward helping VOAGO help homeless veterans. VOAGO has offered targeted veterans' programs since 1992, and is the leading human services provider to homeless veterans in the Cincinnati metro area. These include emergency housing, treatment programs and wrap-around supportive services for veterans and their families.

Do you have a vehicle that has been sitting idly in your garage, driveway, or in a storage facility? How about a boat, RV, tractor, or motorcycle (just about anything with a motor)? Right now is the perfect time to make a donation to VOAGO that could positively impact homeless veterans and their families when they need it most.

We'll arrange free same-day towing, and you _jmight even end up making more off of your vehicle as a tax-deductible donation than you would from selling it privately. Your donations will help families, children, and veterans have a happier holiday in all of the Ohio communities we serve.

If you have any questions, contact the Car Donation & Auction Office at 800-862-6030, or fill out the car donation form.