Why a Car Donation is a Game Changer for the Homeless in Cleveland this Winter

Ohio winters can be especially brutal for the most vulnerable members of our Cleveland community--the homeless. Learn below about some of the greatest challenges facing the homeless this winter and how your Cleveland car donation can make a crucial difference.


Due to plunging temperatures and often a lack of protective covering, homeless individuals are especially prone to cold-related injuries. Inadequate shelter and sleeping outside often make homeless families at high-risk for frostbite. Frostbite can permanently damage skin and tissue and even affect the limbs, which often results in amputation.

This unfortunate cycle further exacerbates growing issues of accessibility and ableness in the homeless community. Older adults and children are hit with frostbite first, as they have more trouble regulating body temperature. To make matters worse, mental illness is a driving factor in suffering from frostbite and other cold-related injuries. Unfortunately, more than 20% of those who live on the streets suffer from some form of mental illness or another.


When your body drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit, you become at risk for hypothermia. Nearly 700 homeless people die annually from hypothermia-related conditions. Because the homeless often lack hats, gloves and a change of dry clothing, they are especially at risk in exposed conditions. In addition, low body fat; malnutrition and disease all raise the possibility of suffering from hypothermia, making the homeless a specifically vulnerable population. Even mild hypothermia can result in pneumonia, organ failure and sometimes, even brain damage. These entirely preventable cases can be avoided with proper access to housing, shelter, and resources for keeping warm and healthy.

How your Cleveland car donation can help

Thankfully, you can help fight the harmful effects of winter on vulnerable children, families, and veterans in Cleveland this winter. There are lots of ways to get involved, but donating your car is an easy and effective opportunity to offer support in the lives of the homeless. Not only do you get to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, but you can also write off your donation as tax-deductible. We make it simple by providing a free tow. We take cars in any condition–even if they're not running.

Ready to Donate?

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  • By Phone: Call us at 800-862-6030 to start the donation process.
  • In person: If you are coming to Columbus, you can drop off your vehicle with a clean title at 5640 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43228.