Creative and Thrifty Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

Showcase family photos using items from the thrift store

Home is where you can surround yourself with loved ones. By displaying photographs of loved ones around your house, you can always remember the good times you have shared together.

Thrift stores are one of the best places to stock up on affordable picture frames. But, what if you want to display your photos in a way that’s as unique as you? Check out some thrifty ways you can post pictures around the house, all made with materials that can be picked up at the thrift shop.

Upycle a Mirror

Stop by a thrift store nearby to buy a beautiful mirror. It can be a wall-hanging or hand mirror. Carefully take out the mirror and replace with your photograph to create a fine piece of home decor. Pro tip: Paint the mirror frame for a pop of color.

Transform a Handbag

If you love handbags and want to show off not only your collection but also your lovely photos, why not transform them into picture frames? You’ll need to wire the picture frames to the purses. This would be an especially cute way to display glamorous black and white photographs. Thrift shops are filled with a wide variety of handbags that would be great for this project.

Hip Hula Hoop

Start by spray painting a hula hoop. Once dry, tie on decorative flowers with some fishing line. To attach the photos, you’ll first need to string a few rows of fishing line across. Clip your favorite pictures up and then hang up the hoop to enjoy. Hip Hip Hooray!

Fishing for Memories

Fishing pole photo frame from a thrift store

What a great Father’s Day gift or decoration for a man cave. Buy a fishing rod at a thrift store near you then take your fishing rod and remove the fishing wire. Replace with a heavier string that will be more visible on the wall. Mount the fishing pole on the wall. Carefully hang picture frames from the fishing pole.

You can find supplies for all of these projects at Volunteers of America thrift stores. Rest easy knowing that your purchases are supporting community programs that help homeless veterans, individuals and families across Ohio. Best of all, you’ll be saving money and reusing previously loved items. Now, that’s upcycling!

Find your closest thrift store location today.