7 Reasons Donating to Thrift Stores is Better Than Hosting a Yard Sale

Hey, it's me, Debbie, your thrifting go-to guide! I'm here to tell you how you can save yourself the headache of a yard sale this summer by donating your old clothes and unwanted items to your local thrift store. Save yourself the blood, sweat and tears of holding a garage sale by donating the stuff from your attic to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.

#1: Yard sales are a ton of work

There's a lot of planning and manpower that goes into a yard sale. You have to sort through your unwanted stuff, price the stuff (how much is that Dave Matthews Band t-shirt really worth?), find tables to display the stuff on, haul the stuff outside onto the tables, make signs to advertise the sale, put the signs around the neighborhood, advertise the sale in the newspaper or online, etc. All of that work and it's not even sale day yet. Whew!

#2: Sleep in on Saturday

You work long and hard for your weekend so don't spend it waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, setting up your yard sale and haggling with your neighbors about the price of that Dave Matthews Band t-shirt ("No, John, I won't just give it to you for 25 cents") . Hit the snooze button this weekend by donating your clothes to the thrift shop instead of selling them at a garage sale.

#3: Thrift store proceeds help your community

All proceeds of Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift store sales benefit our programs and services like sheltering the homeless, job training and veterans' programs in Columbus, Cleveland, and all over Ohio. Talk about your thrift donations making a huge difference with your donation!

#4: Donate old clothes little by little

No need to save up all your stuff for your big garage sale. Donate however much you want to your nearby thrift store. We will accept one sweater or a whole bag of sweaters.

#5: Not much money to be made

The cold hard truth is that most yard sales don't make much of a profit. It's rare to sell items for more than they were purchased for. Most items at yard sales are priced at just 85 cents. People come to yard sales looking for bargains, not to pay full price.

#6: Donations are tax deductible

By donating your items to your local thrift store, you will be able to write them off as a tax-deduction. All donations in good condition are tax-deductible. Be sure to ask for a donation receipt and keep it for your tax records. For more info, just call 1-800-862-6030 or visit the Internal Revenue Service at www.IRS.gov.

#7: You can stay home while you donate

Donating to a Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift store is as easy as ordering Uber Eats. Fill out our online donation pick-up request form to schedule a time and place for your donations to be picked up. You can also call us at 1-800-873-4505 to schedule your thrift store pick up today. Our drivers will come right to your home, haul your stuff to the thrift shop, all for free!

If the thought of organizing a yard sale sounds like as much fun as getting a root canal, donate your unwanted items to Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. Avoid the headache and rest easy knowing your donations are tax deductible and you are supporting your community.

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