Three Ways to Start a Tradition of Giving During the Holidays with Volunteers of America

Start at one of our Ohio Thrift Stores to Embrace the True Meaning of the Season

Creating family traditions is one of the best parts of the holiday season. From baking cookies together to trimming the tree, the things you do together now will stay with your children for a lifetime. Make giving back to your community a part of that with Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio.

Here are three ways you and your family can truly get into the spirit of the season:

1. Donate clothes + toys to your local Ohio thrift store

To make room for all of the new things Santa is bringing, make a family activity of collecting old clothes and toys that are no longer being used. You can even adopt a practice where for every new toy received, your child chooses an old toy to be donated to those who are need this holiday season. This will foster excitement in your household and also teach your children a valuable practice.

Continue the fun by taking everyone to donate the collected items to your local Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio. Want to find your neighborhood thrift store? Click here to view all of our locations.

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2. Donate money

Teaching children the value of a dollar is one of life's most important lessons. Whether it's their birthday money, weekly allowance, or even a Christmas gift from Grandma, teach your child the rewarding world of philanthropy. The experience of parting with their own money may be painful, but will be certainly worth it.

3. Donate time

After gathering the belongings you're ready to give away, breaking the piggy bank to donate money, show your family the most valuable gift of all: time. Host a supply drive, volunteer at a food pantry, or attend our fundraising breakfast. Your family will experience, first hand, the unrivaled emotion that comes from giving back directly to your community.

The rewards of volunteering are often equally beneficial and fulfilling to all involved. Studies show that volunteering contributes to the overall health and success of children and teens. According to, young people who volunteer are "more likely to have positive academic, psychological, and occupational well-being."

The traditions you instill into your family today will not only last a lifetime, but have a huge ripple effect on your community. Be an example by truly embodying the reason for the season this Christmas.