Three reasons why helping children can fix the economy

A new report shows the correlation between successful youths and a healthy economy

Ever since the recession began in 2007, Americans have done their part to help the economy rebound. Whether it’s sticking to goods that are made in the USA, voting for candidates that promise economic change, or buying local, many people are taking the steps they can to help our country’s future.

However, a new study done by the Annie E. Casey Foundation shows that one of the key elements to a successful economy may not be products, exports or campaign slogans.

It’s our children.

This report is called the Kids Count DATA Book, and it illustrates that providing kids with the opportunity to reach their full potential can stimulate economic growth.

Here’s why.

1. More opportunities means more choices

The more options a child is given as they grow up, the better. They get to choose their friends, their hobbies, and eventually, what they want to do in life. Happy kids make happy adults.

On the other hand, children who are limited by financial or living situations may not be able to achieve their goals, and may find themselves forced into jobs and situations later in life that make them unhappy.

2. Better living conditions lead to better health

Growing up homeless or in poor living conditions can often lead to illness. This may not only affect a child’s physical well–being, but can also affect their social and mental states as well. Additionally, the financial strain that repeated medical visits or prescription medicine can put on the child’s family can create a stressful home atmosphere. All of these things can lead to less educational and social opportunities as the child matures into adulthood.

3. Better early education can lead to better higher education

Education can compound over time. For instance, if a child gets a good understanding of the basics in grade school, they can build on that foundation to succeed in high school, which will give them more options for college. A better college education can mean a better career, and an overall better life.

A child without the opportunity to earn a solid early education may continually fall behind, never earn a GED, and be unable to effectively join the workforce later in life.

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