The Easy Way You Can Help Homeless Veterans in Ohio during the 2017 Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is upon us. To most, this means the first day of winter and the “fewest hours of sunlight”. But if you’re a homeless veteran, it more easily translates to: the longest night of the year. And as the temperatures continue to drop, this makes conditions even harsher for those without a roof over their heads. Now is a good time to think about the ones who suffer and the ways in which we can help. A good place to start? Your Cleveland car donation.

Cold Nights, Warm Heart

Gusty winds, frigid temperatures and plenty of snowfall. Yep. It’s winter in Ohio. Cold snaps plague the heart-shaped state during this time of year and, as much as we complain about the grey skies and wind chill factors, it’s important to remember that there are many out there who have it a lot worse. Think about all of the homeless veterans that live day after day with no home, no warm bed to rest in or hot meal to enjoy. These brave, selfless individuals are at risk for a number of weather-related conditions, including hypothermia, and your warm-hearted gesture of a Cleveland car donation can help these veterans find their way off the streets.

Too Many Are Suffering

According to the 2015 U.S. Census, there are over 1,200 homeless veterans in Ohio. Some can be attributed to mental disabilities, some to addiction, some to lack of job readiness skills, and in some cases, all of the above. The numbers will continue to grow and it is our mission at Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio to end the cycle of homelessness among veterans and families in need.

How Can You Help?

You Cleveland car donation directly supports Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio programs aimed at providing treatment and housing solutions for local veterans. We offer counseling for substance abuse and mental illness, all geared towards restoring self-sufficiency to those who have fought to protect our freedom. Additionally, we offer career counseling, resume building and placement services to help get veterans back into the workforce.

It’s Oh-So Easy

Helping homeless veterans during these cold winter nights is as easy as can be, thanks to our simple automobile donation process. Just fill out ouronline form and we’ll come haul your automobile away, free of charge. And it doesn’t stop at cars! We’ll gladly accept your boat, motorcycle, lawn mower, or RV as well. It’s a difficult time for homeless veterans and your Cleveland car donation will go a long way.